Effective ways of keeping a Pet Dog

pet dogDogs have always been acknowledged to be man’s best friend. In order to make them happy and active at all times, their health standards and environmental surroundings should be structured to suit their needs. Let us see what requirements can aid at keeping your pet dog in a jovial mood.

Always keep your dog busy
Dogs have a nature of being occupied by performing different activities; they can hunt, herd or watch over your place. For pets however, this is not their purpose. The only way you can keep them engaged is providing them with toys e.g. Kongs for physical stability and chew toys for keeping their teeth and jaws strong. You can play with it, hand it to a dog care taker or leave it with someone to play with. Another important factor is ensuring your pet dog has enough food.

Train your pet
The effective way to train your pet dog is by assigning the task to a dog training expert. You can also add extra skills by asking the dog to perform various tasks repeatedly when spending time with it. The importance of this aspect is, apart from improving the dog’s mental and physical stability. The bond with your pet will be narrowed to a close relationship.

Maintain a balanced diet
You should always feed your pet depending on its age, allergies and activities it does. The best recommended feeds by veterinarians these days are closely similar to human diet. The most common ones include: Peanut butter with no salt, pumpkins, chopped apples, oatmeal, green beans and baby carrots.

Regular medical checkups
Regular medical checkups can help you understand the progress of your dog’s health. This will further help the veterinary officer evaluate what type of vaccination your pet needs. It is advised that a dog should have screening after a span of six months. This should be focused mostly on pets with less than ten years of age.

High levels of Safety measures
Dogs are prone to various risks that threaten their lives and their general welfare. To reduce the risks, attach an ID label on your dog for retrieval amenities in case it gets lost. You also have to ensure your home is well fenced to protect it from its possible predators when out to play. Keep your dog away from fire or sharp objects to avoid physical injuries. When out for walks in highways and streets, confirm that the dog is fastened firmly with a dog chain so that it does not run into motorists’ paths and get hit.

Dogs can be considered as the best pets based on their active nature. So as to have the best experience with your pet dog, make certain you keep its mental and physical state at the required levels by use of the guidelines above.

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Proper Pet Cat Care

pet catPet cats can bring joy, amusement, and unconditional love. They are an enrichment to our lives.

Whether you are a child, a parent; married or single cats are always there as a means of support. During emotional and devastating times and even times of happiness, you can count on your cat for happiness. So how can you thank someone who cannot speak a word? It’s simple. Enrich your pet cat’s life with affection, treats and just plain love.

The first basic requirement your need to get you pet cat is a cat bed where he can put her head and stretch out. Cats need a very comfortable and cozy bed for a good sleep and relaxation.

So now that you have decided that a pet cat is what you need, it’s time to create your pet cat care and health checklist. You need to find a regular vet where you’ll take your cat for regular check-ups, vaccinations and other medical issues that may arise.

Cat’s toys are very interesting in fact more than our own; sure, it’s fun to watch your cat go crazy over the catnip stuffed mouse, but it’s even more fun to be part of the action. Picka up some of the best toys at major pet stores and spoil your cat with them.

Your young cat needs to go potty and it needs a place for that. Your pet cat will love to have a kitty litter box of its own. So get one for it.

Another easy way to ensure your pet’s continued health is to feed him or her a quality diet of premium dry cat food. Look for a cat food that offers chicken or fish as its primary ingredient. Four meals a day is enough for the young cats. However, as they grow older, you should have the meals reduced to 2 to 3 small meals a day. Ensure you always keep your cat’s water dish clean and full.

Pet treats have come a long way since your standard milk bone for dogs. Cat treats were not focused on that much till gourmet treats came on the scene. Go for treats that care for his teeth, treats that make your cat smell better and treats that remedy his hairballs teeth.

Do not forget that cats are vain creatures and love to clean their nails by scratching. Buy you cat posts and scratches from the pet store and make it happy.

Of course, you can bring your pet cat along with you on your next vacation. What you need is a cat carrier since it cannot come with you inside the passenger area of the plane.

It’s not just about toys, towers and treats; it’s about making your cat your best friend. You can spoil your cat with all the treats, toys blah blah, but unless you care for him by brushing and loving him taking him to the vet, all your treats will be for naught. Loving your pet will ensure your pet is happy. Both of you will be happy.



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Basics of keeping a pet fish

fishIt is not very hard at all to keep a pet fish alive and happy. They are readily available in most pet stores for a few bucks. Given the fact that they are so cheap, many people don’t bother researching how to properly care for them. Contrary to what a pet store may tell you, keeping this fish happy involves more than ensuring it has fresh water and food. The Following are the tips on how to keep a pet fish and you will be on your way to a happy and healthy pet.

The ideal environment is at least a five gallon tank that does not have an aquarium filter or aeration system. Beta fish come to the surface of the water to get air, so you don’t have to fill the tank all of the way. They love having places to hide, so make sure that your tank has at least once or two artificial or live plants. They are known to jump out of water, so make sure that the aquarium you purchase has a lid.

Any fish needs clean water to live a happy life. You want to use room temperature water when you are changing the water, so keep a large container of water on hand at all times. Unless you notice that the water is very dirty, you should be alright with changing it once a week. If you can, remove at least fifty percent of the water during the change. You may want to move your fish to a smaller bowl while you are cleaning the tank. Tap water is fine for fish, but you may have to treat it with a chemical to remove the chlorine. Distilled water should never be used, as it is has had all minerals removed from it.

You will want to feed your fish at least once a day. While most will eat fish flakes, you should try to get yours to eat pellets as they are healthier. In addition to feeding commercial diets, other foods that most fish love include live brine shrimp and mosquito larva. It is important that you do not feed your pet too much. The fish will simply ignore the excess food, which is going to cause the water in your aquarium to become dirty very quickly.

Note that if this is your first aquarium you may want to select less expensive fish to start with. You do not want to spend too much on a fish only to have it die on you and unfortunately, there are no fish warranties. Guppies are a nice tropical option for the first-time buyer. Another thing to think about is how well fish will get along in a tank together because you do not want them eating each other.


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7 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

healthy dogYour dog isn’t just a pet, it’s as much a companion as any member of the family. And because you love it as much as anyone else you share your life with, you want to keep your dog healthy and happy. But how do you avoid dog health problems? Here are 7 tips for good dog health you can follow to ensure your canine companion a happy life:


  • Proper and Nutritious Diet.
    Provide a high quality dog food in the proper amount for your dog’s weight. A high quality dog food is specifically formulated to meet your dog’s physiological needs without a lot of needless fillers and chemical additives. Also, limit the snacks and treats to fruits, veggies, and high quality dog snacks to avoid dog health problems like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Avoid sharing junk foods. They’re aren’t any more healthy for dogs than they are for people.


  • Exercise Daily.
    Dogs are naturally very active and require a lot of exercise including even the smallest breeds. Taking your dog on a 20 to 30 minute walk at least once a day keeps it’s body functioning properly, joints lubricated and muscles toned. It also helps to burn off excess energy and allows your dog to stay relaxed. Without this type of release, dogs can become nervous and that leads to destructive habits like chewing, barking and jumping. Besides, a little fresh air can benefit both of you.


  • Training.
    Every dog needs rules. They’re pack animals by nature and psychologically require a clearly defined hierarchy to be relaxed. Spending a little time each day training and teaching your dog basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “leave it” not only makes your life much easier, but your dog will have a clearer understanding of who’s in charge and what’s expected. Consistency is key. Lack of rules or inconsistent rules can leave a dog confused and nervous and it could lead to destructive or aggressive habits. Keep it fun and you’ll both enjoy it.


  • Play.
    Everybody needs play time, including your dog. It’s a great way to blow off stress, provide some mental stimulation and just have some fun. You should spend time playing with your dog every day. This isn’t the same as training, however. Playtime is about having fun while reinforcing you are in control in a light-hearted way. Avoid games like tug of war or that require direct use of your hands. These can confuse a dog into viewing the play as a challenge for dominance and can lead to aggression. Try incorporating squeaky dog toys to spice up play time and the squeaking noise will help stimulate the dog and keep him engaged in the play time.  Keep it light and end play time on your terms.


  • Provide proper shelter or a crate.
    If you leave your dog outside while you’re away, be sure there is proper shelter against the elements, plenty of clean, dry bedding and a good supply of fresh water. If you prefer to keep your dog inside the house, a crate is the best way to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe until you come home. A crate should be big enough for your dog to stand, lie down and turn around comfortably. While this may seem like a small jail cell, most dogs actually prefer an enclosed place that is their own. It feels like their own den which helps them relax and it’s also insurance that your dog hasn’t gotten into something it shouldn’t while you’re away.


  • Parasite control.
    Dogs can be victim to parasites like fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heart worms. Some parasite bites can cause allergic reactions, and some can have deadly results. To keep dog health a priority, have a regular parasite control regimen which includes repellent collars, sprays and baths, and a regular intestinal de-worming.


  • Regular Vet Checks.
    Have your dog checked by a veterinarian at least once a year. The vet will check your dog’s weight, vitals and joints, examine for parasites, and update your dog on needed immunizations. This is also the perfect time for you to raise any dog health questions or concerns you have. Your vet can provide you with proper guidance to be sure you have no dog health problems in the future.
    By following these 7 simple tips, you’ll never need to worry about dog health or happiness again. Your special companion will be getting the best love and care you can possibly give. And you’ll have peace of mind.

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